Lara Elliott


Lara is an acupuncturist, Certified Reiki master and breathwork healer, and holistic health coach. Working in the Taoist tradition, she believes that Body & Mind are one. They are not two separate entities. Stress of any kind, whether physical, emotional or mental affects our entire being. We feel discomfort, pain, or are simply out of balance.

Lara's healing work focuses on the innate wisdom of the BodyMind to remind it how to be well and in balance. She encourages you to remember who you really are; letting go of everything that is not serving you and connecting with your true and more radiant Self.  

In each healing session, Lara integrates intuition, touch, Reiki, shiatsu, craniosacral, guided meditation and visualization, breathwork, holistic health counseling, essential oils and sound.

Session — 90 Minutes :   $120

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