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Maha Sadhana w/ Amanda + Sara

Join Sara Blowers and Amanda Perri in this 2.5 hour intensive workshop inspired by the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra and experience the Maha Sadhana (Great Practice)!

The workshop will include:
- Satsang to discuss who Sri Dharma Mittra is
- Multiple Pranayama practices (breath work) to calm the mind, invigorate the body and energize the chakras, including Prana Nidra, Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodana, and Sound Breathing.
-Bija Mantras (sound vibrations) to stimulate subtle consciousness.
-Series of Namaskara and Asana to explore, stretch and strengthen the entire body.
-Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation into deep relaxation, to recharge and refuel the entire system of the bodies.
-Closing with Kirtan and a joyous Asana Jam for the practitioners to offer their favorite postures to deep Love and their higher self!