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Finding Your Purpose; An Ayurvedic + Vedic Science Discussion w/ Ashwin Kumar

Find Your Purpose in Life;
Emotional & Physical Balance and Claim Your Wealth

The Vedic tradition is the oldest science in the world for experiencing earthly life with purpose, health, wealth, and awareness. Vedic sciences include Ayurveda, Jyotish (astrology), Vastu (Space/Design), Yoga and Tantra for daily living. The Vedic tradition heals physical & mental diseases; truly a science on how to live and preventing disorder
in Life. Ayurveda removes the cause of disease, while treating the symptoms, and balances the body, mind, and soul.

Session Objectives:

- Awaken What Is Already Within You – Learn Your Four Personal
- Purushartas (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha) or Aims of Life and Resolve Your Karma
- Be Informed As to Your DNA Predispositions and The Best

- Take With You a Few Practices That Will Make a
Significant Difference in Your Path and Daily Life
- Receive Your Personal Prakruti (personal constitution) and Vikruti (current status) – Your Body, Mind, Soul Owner’s Manual
- Introduction to the Vedic Tradition - Four Eternal Vedas (Rg, Yajur, Sama & Atharva)

Presented by
Ashwin Kumar, AD
Doctor of Ayurveda & Vedic Sciences


Earlier Event: July 20
Kirtan w/ Puja