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Building Resilience: In Fear w/ Raquel Jordan

Building Resilience: A Workshop Series
Tools to help you weather the storm.

. . . . . . . . . GOT SOUL??

Explore yogic based practices that build resilience and fortify the human spirit. Drawing from both ancient and modern practices, physical and mental capacities will be celebrated and engaged.

Expect movement, breath work, inner visualization and guided meditation.

We’ll share wonderful tools and resources you can use when life’s circumstances have you feeling Grief, Shame,  Overwhelm or Fear.

Please bring a Yoga Mat, Notebook + Pen and and a curious mind.

Week 1: Fear (Anxiety)
Week 2: Overwhelm (Anxiety)
Week 3: Grief (Depression)
Week 4: Shame (Depression)

$75 Single / 10% off Yogala Members

$285 4 Part Series / 10% off Yogala Members