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TANTRIC CHAKRA SERIES // 7 Sessions w/ Kat Mills

The chakras are magnificent and powerful forces to integrate into our practice. These energetic 'wheels' are not just ideas, they are accessible within the realm of the body! When we connect with them, we touch our potential for a deeper understanding of our own personal themes, desires, limitations, and so much more. 

In this seven part series, go in depth into this powerful energetic system.

~ Understand what a chakra is. How we access them. What are modern associations are versus traditional ones.

~ Learn about tattwas (elements),
mantra (sound vibration), yantra (geometric shape), action, and sense of each chakra.

~ Explore authentic tantric meditations, practices, and postures for awakening and navigating the chakra system.

Attending all 7 sessions is highly recommended, as the practices build upon one another and the effects are cumulative.

Perfect for all levels of practice, including yoga teachers/healers who desire to go deeper into the subtle body.

$27 / Session

Full Series / $175