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REIKI 1 ATTUNEMENT w/ Lara Elliott

Guided By Reiki Master Lara Elliott

Reiki can be translated as Universal Life-Force or Great Bright Light. A balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that heals on all levels: the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

In this two-day Reiki 1 certification training you will learn:

- the Reiki History

- the Reiki Principles

- how Reiki relates to Buddhism

- the hand placements for treating yourself and others

- basics of healing work

- and how to work with clients

You will receive the Level One Reiki attunements which will be sealed in you for life. These attunements and the training are in the lineage of Dr. Usui Shiki Ryoho.

As REIKI is a fantastic tool for self-healing, it truly benefits anyone. And it is a wonderful practice/ tool for anyone already involved in healing work as well as anyone who has contact with people: i.e. holistic health practitioners, yoga instructors, doulas, doctors, nurses, teachers, friends and family.

Lara Elliott is Yogala’s studio manager and an integrative healer.

Trained and licensed as an acupuncturist in New York City and undergoing her license as a primary care physician in Chinese Medicine in California, Lara employs a variety of eastern and western modalities including integrative Reiki, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, herbology, guided visualization and Breathwork. Bringing over eight years of training and practice as an acupuncturist to her healing work, she supports her clients to address physical and emotional trauma in the mind and body.

As a devoted Reiki Master, Lara is offering the practice and teachings of Reiki in trainings and in private at Yogala.


Saturday + Sunday / February 2 + 3 / 9AM - 4PM


50% deposit with signing up / non-refundable
50% balance due at day of training