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Sacred Sexuality + the Stars w/ Adriana Rizzolo

A celebration of self-love and intimacy through body awareness and astrology with teachings from Tantra Yoga and Esoteric Astrology

~ the courage to be intimate, vulnerable and broken open into the boundless freedom, pleasure, light and love inside.

Join Heidi Rose Robbins + Adriana Rizzolo in an exploration of love, sexuality and freedom through the lens of astrology and the human heart and body. Loving ourselves and getting free from that which binds us is easier said than done, and liberating ourselves from the past naturally can bring up fear, guilt, shame and even despair. This is our opportunity to connect into the power of our sexual energy, the courage that embodying all aspects of us leading to the soul can have on our lives and those lives around us.

Together we will work to explore the parts of us that can be hard to be with alone, our grief and shame, and hold a space of love for all emotions to be felt and expressed. In embodiment work we do not deny our sensitivity or feeling but allow and work with it to peel back the layers and uncover our innate radiant goodness and boundless unconditional love.

Based in esoteric astrology and Tantric yoga, through embodiment practices, healing touch, sacred sexuality, poetry, somatic meditation, voice-work and sharing you will leave with a renewed sense of wholeness and empowered sensuality.

$35 until Sept 6 / $40 after