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N U R T U R I N G Workshop w/ Heather Mendoza

We all long for acceptance, belonging, community, freedom, harmony, love, peace, trust and self-expression. This workshop explores how we can get our needs met by taking care of ourselves.

"N U R T U R I N G" is a practice to bring peace, joy and vibrancy into our lives by learning how to better take care of the Self. We will uncover self-awareness and and self-reliance through deep self-care, tenderness and unconditional love, supported by a dynamic community.

When we raise our awareness about how we feel, and connect that to what it is we truly need, we open new ways of being. Granting yourself permission to become who you needed when you were young and be a "parent to yourself," thus making our lives - and the lives of those around us - more enriched.

We will work through identifying, prioritizing and integrating our needs and creating measurable goals, actions and the structures to fulfill them.

Each class consists of:
Intentional opening & closing circles
Self-Care Yoga & Meditation
Guided Discussions
Creating Intentions, Rituals & Structures
Practicing Discipline through Love
Please bring a yoga mat, journal, pen and your Self.

$35 | 10% Off Yogala Members
$250 | 10 Sessions | 10% Off Yogala Members