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Summer L O V E Kundalini Yoga & Sacred Soundbath w/ Satyajeet Avila

Satyajeet & Japa Devi lead with LOVE

Sat Nam! Celebrate the arrival of Summer with a harmonizing, HEART-opening Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Soundbath workshop to Activate our Hearts and Expand the Magnetic Field. The Anahata (HEART chakra) is our Source center, and the divine space where love, compassion and devotion flow. In order for LOVE to flow effortlessly - to ourselves, a lover, a creative project, etc. - the Heart must be open, free and balanced. Self-LOVE is the essence of this flow; and it requires us to do intentional, radical, revolutionary inner work.

In this two hour workshop, we will practice powerful Kundalini Yoga kriyas, deep meditations, and chant sacred mantras to activate and expand the HEART center. We will close with a blissful savasana soundbath that will include Alchemy Crystal Tones singing bowls, Paiste gongs and Native drums to soothe and restore the nervous system.

Please join us after the workshop for yogi tea and vegan cookies!