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POWER of LOVE & LIGHT! Celebration of Summer Solstice in Ojai w/ Adriana Rizzolo

N A T U R E * Y O G A * C E R E M O N Y * K I R T A N

H e a l i n g  G a t h e r i n g  

Join us on a mountain ridge in Ojai for a celebration of the HEALING POWER of NATURE and the SUN's BRILLIANT LIGHT on the year’s LONGEST DAY.

Arrive at Sam's ridge top home as early as 3:30PM.  There is an abundance of space under the oaks and into the view to receive nature and begin letting go and setting intention.

At 5PM, gather for an Opening Ceremony under the trees.  Practice Yoga as the Sun sets with live music. There will be dinner followed by Fire & Kirtan.

Adriana Rizzolo leads with LOVE & LIGHT!


*Please bring a small nourishing offering for the table or altar ~ fruits, salads, sweets, flowers and beyond.

**Journal, blanket, yoga mat, sun protection and WATER bottle are also encouraged.

***Address in Upper Ojai will be sent once registered.