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Yoga + Creative Writing with Mechi + Mindy

Come, Ground into your Creative Voice! 

Creative writing is a powerful practice that embraces your whole life and demands no logic—it’s a place you can come to with your unbridled wildness, and set it free. Our creative power holds tremendous energy and lives within us, but can become difficult to access when life gets too noisy.

This workshop invites the wisdom of the body into the creative process, merging the thinking mind with the feeling body. Through gentle yoga, pranayama, and mantra, we will tap into our creative energy and set the stage for explorative, connected writing.

Whether you’re a long-time writer or just hoping to deepen your journaling practice, this class will strengthen existing skills, nurture new passions, and unlock the creative soul.

$25 | 10% Off Yogala Members

$200 | 10 Sessions | 10% Off Yogala Members