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Ecstacy, Community & Healing the Shadow / Satsang & Potluck w/ Adriana Rizzolo

Join us for ecstasy, community and healing the shadow through the group!  An evening of food, enjoyment and sharing at Yogala!!

You can bring a dish to share as well as a poem, piece of art, a cause you would like to open our eyes to support, or anything heart-centered related you would like to share. You can also just bring yourself and your heart. I will offer a talk and facilitate the circle and you will have a chance to share if you feel inspired.

When we come together to uplift one another amazing shifts happen and we can heal the things in us that are longing for connection. Ya'll know the power of community, transformation, miracles and LOVE!

It's a free event so please bring friends and loved ones. Everyone comes as they are and puts energy towards what is good in our hearts, gets support around our challenges and makes the shifts energetically inside that affect the worlds around us!

At least stop by for some chocolate! Let me know if you can make it!!!

All our love,

Adriana + Sam 

Here is a little bit on a tradition of Bandara that comes from the Bhakti tradition which we will follow and that you can take on when preparing your food ~ play mantras you like or chant.

B A N D A R A 

Bandara is an ecstatic practice of offering a public feast. Large quantities of food are purchased and prepared with great mindfulness. Often the people preparing the food will sing mantras and devotional hymns while cooking. The first plate of food is often offered to the puja and then distributed into the serving pots. This way, it is believed that the everyone is eating the food "left behind" by God. Then the food is distributed to the eaters as an offering to God. God is fed in the form of the recipients. Often bandaras are offered during celebrations or for special groups of pilgrims or sadhus.