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Circulate & Release; Spring Yoga and Essential Oils Workshop w/ Malia Wright

Shed layers and open yourself to truth.

Dive into the benefits of essential oils.  Learn and experience how these powerful Essential Oils can be used to deepen yoga and meditation practices and to accelerate the relaxation response.  

For our practice, in addition to the oils, we'll employ an Ayurvedic influenced theme to balance the body emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Walk away feeling whole, calm, with eased adrenals, and an emotional, physical and mental understanding of the power of essential oils with a yoga practice. Feel absolutely BLISSFUL!!!

This 2 hour workshop includes: 
~ brief education, safety and introduction 

~ warm up with oil

~ deep and dynamic asana w/ oil

~ restorative/savasana w/ oil

~ meditation w/ oil

~ reflection & questions

$35 | 10% off Yogala Members