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Get Your Mojo Flowing / Workshop for Women's Sexual Wellbeing w/ Raquel Jordan

A workshop for women’s sexual health and wellbeing.

Yoga Teacher, Raquel Jordan, and co-owner of The Tulip, Kiana bring to light ancient, esoteric practices from both the Yogic and Taoist traditions. The workshop begins with a circle discussion which includes; talking about the Jade egg, it’s benefits and how to use it. A Jade egg is a small egg meant to be inserted in the female vagina or yoni. We will explore how the Jade egg can be used with the option to insert for the Yoga/movement portion of the class. We find in the ancient texts on Yoga the mention of Mula Bandha. Bandhas are energy lock centers located in the body to help manage chi or life force. Mula Bandha is engaging the pelvic floor muscles and directing them up, toward the spine. The Jade egg compliments the mula bandha work by providing gentle resistance and biofeedback.

Reclaiming your rite to pleasure and connecting to your sacred self and womanly body parts is the purpose for this workshop.

We will go through:
How to care for and store the egg.
Any contraindication for use.
Guide you through a healing meditation before inserting egg.
Take you through a slow, flow based yoga sequence with the Jade egg in.
Go over the why and when to practice pelvic floor exercises and how the Jade egg helps.
Give you exercises you can do at home and teach you ways in which you can incorporate the exercises in a regular Yoga class (no one will know).

This workshop is ideal for any woman who wants to:
Increase sensitivity
Heighten orgasms
Rejuvenate sex drive
Build elasticity after vaginal birth
Regulate hormones
Thrive in your own sexual power
Further the healing you have already been doing in regards to this area. Both ancestral and historical.

You will want to bring:
A Large Towel
Yoga Mat
Jade egg, if you have one (also available for purchase day of)

Duration: 3hrs

Cost: $60, $65 day of.

* A $20 off coupon for a Jade egg comes with purchase of the workshop. Those who already have one can bring. Those who do not wish to buy one do not have to.