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Anahata Chakra: YIN + Pranayama Workshop w/ Moun D'Simone

Anahata is our Fourth Chakra, also known as Heart Chakra, located along our spine, right in the center of our chest, next to our physical heart. It is connected with the subjects of love, compassion and belonging, and is weakened by all forms of grief, clinging and loneliness. Physically, it supports our heart, lungs, upper torso, shoulders, arms and hands. The Heart Chakra is what links body and mind together, it facilitates the balance of emotion with logic, and the real with the ideal.

In this Heart Chakra Yin + Pranayama workshop we will explore a sequence that focuses on chest expansion, back bends, arms and shoulder work, combined with profound breathwork and visualization, detoxifying and calming the mind and body- all with the understanding that the work to open our hearts begins in our physical bodies. Breathing into our hearts; Giving in, Letting Go, Being Open.

Experience deep levels of transformation - of turning away from the material to the spiritual. This is the center of our deepest bonds with ourselves and other beings, our sense of caring, kindness and respect, branching out to altruism, generosity, and compassion.