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Late Spring Cacao Ceremony w/ Sam Bianchini

Cacao, (“The Food of the Gods”), is an ancient Plant Medicine that bridges the gap between Heart and Spirit. It's a heart-opening, joy-inducing, soul-expanding Guide, and allows for deep release, transformation, and pure bliss.

In Mayan culture, Cacao was used ceremonial to commune with the Gods. Today, we continue this ancient practice by drinking cacao to reconnect with the intuitive wisdom of our own precious beings.

Using the finest quality, ceremonial-grace pure Cacao, (harvested in total respect and reverence), this gathering gives anyone curious and intentional the chance to connect with the Spirit of the Cacao as a tool to safely open their heart to be healed, to be inspired, and to be transformed.

Held in the style of a tradition plant medicine circle, and facilitated with love and attention by Sam Bianchini, this ceremony invokes guided meditation, shamanic breath work, sacred song, partner connection, water blessings, and much more as tools for clarity, joy, and release. Whether you are looking to move through blockages, release negative energy, or simply experience the absolute bliss of this Night, this ceremony is for you!


Sam Bianchini is a 500hr RYT yoga teacher, shamanic healer, medicine song carrier, and cacao goddess. She has been studying with medicine men and women around the world for many years from many different lineages, and integrates these sacred studies into the modern American society to bring healing, love, and light.

Sam currently lives in Los Angeles, and travels around the world to hold ceremony, teach yoga, and deepen her own spiriutal life.