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Create your High-Vibe Life w/ Luke Simon

with visiting Maha Rose healer Luke Simon

Imagine waking up and feeling genuinely psyched to be alive... Breathing in and feeling great to be in your body. Imagine staying positive and trusting the Universe has got your back! Imagine receiving intuitive guidance and manifesting your desires. These are the benefits of cultivating a High Vibe life. Join Maha Rose Brooklyn healer Luke Simon to learn practices and healing tools to assist your spiritual practice and growth everyday.

This class will introduce you to the idea that everything is energy, and that energy is a “thing”, even if you can’t “see it”. These transformative practices will help you shift your energy to a higher, freer, more clear vibration. As we release the past, we align with the abundance and Love of the Universe.

Physical pain, sadness and anxiety are all the Spiritual alarm-calls that we need to do some healing and transform old energies. These are Luke’s favorite tools. They complement other spiritual practices and are simple and effective for beginners and seasoned mystics alike!

We will cover:
• Breathwork meditation to clear stuck emotions and refresh your energy
• Dealing with challenging emotions and addictions
• The healing power of Nature• Smudging
• Crystals for your home and self-healing
• The power of thought & positive affirmations

Early $35 | Day of $40 | 15% off for Yogala Members

Come learn subtle ways to clear, transform & tune up to metamorphose your life like a butterfly! You will leave feeling refreshed with a tool kit of mystical practices to cultivate in your life to raise your vibration.

Luke Simon is a Brooklyn-based healer who shares the tools of his own healing path to help individuals who want to transform their lives through spiritual healing.

Luke is known for sharing spirituality in a down to Earth, useful way. Also adds in a good dose of humor, as laughter truly is the best medicine! He shares Breathwork, Crystals, Reiki and Tarot readings to heal anxiety, depression and renew optimism, creativity, and inner Love. Luke’s work seeks to coach people towards living in a higher vibration, free from heavy attachments of the past.

Luke Simon co-founded Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn and his healing work has been written about in The New York Times and Vanity Fair. Most recently, Luke has created THE SOFTER IMAGE party as an outlet for dancing in a non-alcohol, high vibrational environment. Learn more about Luke and follow his journey on & instagram: @oops.infinity.again

Later Event: May 5
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