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Gong Alchemy Soundbath w/ Jamie Bechtold

Monthly Offering.  RESERVE EARLY:)

Gong Alchemy Soundbath™ is a group soundbath experience in which Jamie plays a specific combination of gongs designed to offer a unique result (such as energize, relax, etc). She currently works with 18 different gong frequencies and uses her extensive knowledge of sound healing to put together gong and crystal bowl combinations that yield relatively consistent results. Jamie’s soundbath experiences are designed to guide listeners on a journey of self discovery and inner exploration. The sounds promote healing on all levels, deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and open the body’s entire energetic system.

In this event Jamie plays a combination of 3-5 gongs and 5-7 quartz crystal singing bowls while participants relax in a comfortable position and listen to the sounds. Most people leave feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Please bring a mat, blanket, or anything else you may need need to be comfortable laying on the floor.

$28 / Single

$132 / 6 Soundbaths

6 Soundbath Series can be shared with only ONE other:)

RESERVE EARLY as these events often fill.  

If you are reserving for a friend(s), please make sure their name(s) are added to the roster by calling the studio 213 375 4505