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Awakening the Spine w/ Kay Campitelli

The yoga tradition of Vanda Scaravelli is based on the knowledge that our bodies inherently know how to move with ease and grace.

If we take the time to refine our attention and foster a willingness to be a beginner each time we come to our practice, we are intuitively guided toward stress-free, integrated movement.

In this workshop, we will focus on the quality of our attention and movement. The poses will not be performed from step-by-step instructions, but will be examined, explored, and questioned, so that we learn to develop the incredibly important art of listening to the body, and to trust in the process of discovery.

We will discover that the spine is the vital center from where all movement arises, from a rested strength that grows into lightness, wholeness, and freedom.

And we will leave a little more free, a little more familiar with ourselves, and a little more motivated to get back to our practice the next day.

A sustainable approach to yoga, for all levels.