Meredyth Hunt

Hand Analysis

The map of who you are is in your hands. Lines in the palm and fingerprints contain your Soul’s Agenda. What is your Life Purpose? What is your Life Lesson? Meredyth decodes this map revealing your talents and challenges.

Hand Analysis is the science of reading the patterns in the palm and fingerprints to better understand your unique gift to give humanity and what needs to be mastered in order to best give that gift. Amazing insights into how you are designed are revealed from your hands. Along with those insights come tools and skill sets, practical actions to take so you can move into Purposeful work and grow out of negative patterns. 

Since 2001 Meredyth has been reading hands, teaching classes on Hand Analysis and speaking to groups on the topic. As a teacher and performer, she loves to create a nice balance between deep understanding of oneself and levity. She believes learning about yourself should be expanding and illuminating and also, sometimes, fun! 

Hand Analysis Session

60-90 Minutes (includes a recording of the session) : $175
Follow up session : 60 minutes (includes a recording of the session) : $125