meredith corvette carter

ayurvedic practitioner

with over 1,200 hours of one-on-one, gurukula training, meredith’s ayurvedic education is rare, especially in the west. she went for doshic analysis in 2009 and has been using ayurvedic principles in her life since.

she completed her first year-long ayurvedic training in 2012 and has been applying this knowledge to all her drop-in yoga classes by seasonally selecting all asana, pranayama, mudra, and mantra according to ayurveda.

her ayurvedic practitioner training began in 2015. this two-year course was taught by mela gaskins butcher of the CENTER FOR AYURVEDA in classical, gurukula style. this intimate, longterm guru-student contact with a yoga master is virtually unheard of in the states.

meredith’s approach to yoga and ayurveda is uniquely academic. she began lecturing on a sustainable design BA while completing her masters in Design Futures MA at Goldsmith, University of London.


dosha, diet & herbs : $333

budget doshic analysis : $66

budget herb protocol : $44

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dosha, diet & herbs $333 — 3 hrs.

this classic, one-on-one ayurvedic offering addresses your individual health goals and concerns in 3 appointments which can be local or remote. this package includes dosha analysis, custom diet, herb, exercise, meditation protocol as well as other lifestyle practices & lots of email support!

together we can address...acid reflux / acne / addiction recovery / allergies / anxiety / arthritis / asthma / autoimmune disorders / back pain / chronic / fatigue syndrome / constipation / depression / diabetes / digestive disorders / eczema / fibromyalgia / high cholesterol / high blood pressure / hypertension / IBS / insomnia / lack of concentration / low assimilation / low blood sugar / migraines / osteoarthritis / osteoporosis / panic attacks / psoriasis / thinning hair and nails / vertigo /various cancers / thyroid disorders / yeast infections / stress / weight loss / weight gain.

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budget doshic analysis $66 — 45 mins

this budget option is a great value if you’ve taken all the online tests and still can’t figure out your dosha. this package includes a 45 minute phone consult & lots of email support!

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budget herb protocol $44 — 30 mins.

this budget option will help you feel better now and save money in the long run by streamlining their supplement regimen. this package includes a 30 minute phone consult & lots of email support!.

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#ayurvedatogether — free!

in an effort to make practices more inclusive and accessible, i giveaway my DOSHA, DIET & HERBS package, a $333 value, to one person each month for free.

just DM @vatapittakapha, mention #ayurvedatogether and tell me why you feel underrepresented in wellness and need ayurveda in your life.