Luke Simon

Reiki / Breathwork / Tarot

Luke uses his intuitive heart and healing modalities to help you thrive. If you have symptoms and want to go to the deeper cause, this is the work for you. Through Reiki energy healing, guided Breathwork journeys, and tarot readings Luke will personally guide you to re-connect with who you truly are: powerful, creative and connected to the Universe.

Luke co-founded Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn and his healing work has been written about in The New York Times and Vanity Fair. Luke is available for healing sessions at Yogala by appointment.


Reiki soothes, nourishes and tunes your energy, bringing you home to your heart. Luke uses his intuition to offer feedback and homework for you to continue shifting your energy outside of the healing room. Come lift your vibration and nourish your heart with this Loving healing energy through healing hands.

1 Hour : $120

Personal Breathwork Journey
Breathwork is a journey tool to re-connect to your spirit and heal. Clients experience dramatic and expansive openings and shifts. Luke will guide you intuitively to address blocks through looking into memories and visualizations to clear old energy and bring in more connection, presence, confidence and joyfulness.

1 Hour : $120

Using the ancient ways of reading cards and intuition, Luke will ead you in a cosmic healing session for insight, guidance and support. You will get perspective and deeper meaning to the questions of your heart.

1 Hour : $120