Harmony Ellington

Astrological Consultation


Both astrology and yoga refer to our sense of individuality as fractal of meta-intelligence. We each inhabit a complex earthly body from which physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual functions and patterns emerge, and similar spirit could be said to inhabit the bodily complexities of the Earth and of the cosmos at large.

The premise of natal astrology is that arrangements of celestial bodies and points amount to a kind of source code, and that the unfolding of a living being takes on qualities described by the positions of such bodies at the moment of first breath. Astrology as a technical and interpretive art examines and compiles meta-programs that culminate and diminish in the form of fast-paced, individualized rhythms and in the grand strokes of aeons.

Harmony’s approach to traditional Western astrology is one of ancient provenance strategically integrated with helpful modern and esoteric perspectives. Consultation is engaged to illuminate equilibriums, excesses, and deficiencies of archetypal dynamics, and to give context to the experience of specific moments or spans of chronological time.

Astrological Consultation

As know thyself was inscribed on the entrances of ancient temples, we treat astrological consultation as an initiatory step towards more refined and constructively directed conation.

60 minute astrological consultation : $88

Three sessions : $222