Erin Yee


Energetic Healing and Alignment 

Using acupuncture, reiki, energy work, intuitive consultation and custom essential oil blends, Erin brings the body and mind into optimal energetic alignment. 

In order for the body and mind to be balanced, first stagnations must be broken so energy can flow freely.  After releasing these block(s), Erin guides the energy back into a grounded and embodied equanimity. 

Equanimity is felt as emotional calm, internal clarity, physical relaxation, and expanded perception.  It is not a heightened state, but rather a natural abiding that produces the feelings of ease and relief.  It can be returned to again and again as our source of inner refuge and personal guidance.

Over time and consistent practice, this balance can bring a cessation of struggle mentally, physically and emotionally. Erin wishes to equip you with the tools to make health and healing a sustainable, personalized and meaningful journey.

She holds a Master in Science of Oriental Medicine and is a California Licensed Acupuncturist.  She also studies and practices Tibetan Buddhism, Qi gong and shadow yoga. 

Community-style / By Donation and Private Sessions available.

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Tips for After treatment:

Create space to relax with a minimum of social and technological distractions.

Drink plenty of water. 

Walk outdoors in nature.  

Patience, gentleness and mindfulness are important as one can encounter painful emotions or sensations that may have formerly been repressed and are now passing out of the system.

To best integrate the experience, allow the body to speak and the mind to listen.