Emilie Kress


Numbers are all around us and can be found in every aspect of our lives; house numbers, license plates, bus routes, trains, geological coordinates, bills, receipts, time, calories, temperature, distance, websites, social security numbers, credit cards, phone numbers, and so much more. Nature, as well, is comprised of numbers, such as the Fibonacci Sequence or Golden Ratio which measures the prefect rate of growth for all life. According to Greek Philosopher and father of Numerology, Pythagoras, “all is number.”

So, how do we use number energy for connecting with ourselves and our souls? All numbers vibrate with a certain energy and the more we understand about this energy, the easier it is to see messages. Some of us have seen repeating digits such as your own birthday or 111,222,333, etc. Those are signs that Spirit or your inner self is communicating with you. But, there is much more to explore.

You were born with a “blueprint” for your life, which can be decoded in your birthday and birth name (letters correspond to numbers). This is the emotional, mental and spiritual energy that you encompass, that surrounds you and are able to offer to the world. I believe that the more we know about the energy that lives in and around us, we can work with it for a more harmonious and fulfilled life.

Numerology Readings and Numerology Chart

Using your birthday and birth name Emilie compile a reports with your your Life Path, Destiny, Heart’s Desire, Personality, Maturity Number, Pinnacles, Challenges, Personal Years, Essence (each year of your life with a full chart from birth to age 70) and an intuitive reading detailing the meaning and significance of the numbers as it relates to your life.


Numerology Report +  Reading : $111
Tarot or Intuitive Reading : 60 min : $88

The readings and offering are intuitive interpretations. This is not an exact science or a guaranteed outcome for future events.

About Emilie

Numerologist. Intuitive Reader. Tarot and Oracle Card Reader.

I have always held a passion for mystical and metaphysical studies, especially Numerology. In 2014 I was drawn to Reiki to help further develop and enhance my spiritual side. This opened me to a world where I felt confident in my intuition and gift for healing. Through years of spiritual study and training from women I consider Oracles, I am able to offer healing and messages through Numerology, Intuitive Readings, Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, Energy Assessments and Clearings and Channeling. My goal is to help others find their true selves and empower themselves to live in their highest energy.