Gentlest classes listed first. More physically challenging classes follow. Kundalini classes at end.

Meditation in Movement & Stillness

Vipassana and yoga meditation with Brenda Andujo Mah. Let still meditation be touched by the flowing wisdom of simple movements. When we sit in relative stillness and silence, we find the sounds and the movement inside. In this class, we focus on ground and breath in order to anchor ourselves, release stress, lessen anxiety and settle our fast paced minds so we can relax and see ourselves with more clarity.  With a clearer mind we make choices that cause us less suffering and that bring us more Joy and, ultimately, bring us closer to what we want.  With practice and discipline, slowly learn to become the master of your mind.  Come and join us on this journey to Joy, fulfillment and self awareness. 

All Levels


Open & Restore

Warm the body, open muscles, release tension and ease the breath.  For those seeking a gentler class, deep stretch & revitalization.

Level 1


St r e  t  c  h  i   n   g

For the (physically &/or mentally) inflexible

Tight types unwind and increase flexibility with a delicious hour of stretch. Combines sweet static stretching with relaxing restorative poses. Great for beginners and those recovering from injuries. All levels welcome.

Level 1


Yoga Nidra 

Relax in savasana while guided into a "yogic sleep" - the state between wakefulness and sleep.  Students are led through a rotation of consciousness, which includes setting an intention, body scan, an exploration of opposites, journey and resolve.  Awake from your practice refreshed and rested.  20 minutes of yoga nidra is as rejuvenating as four hours of sleep. Nidra can also help you tap into your inner creative energy and intuition.  Everyone can practice yoga nidra and the benefits are apparent after the first class! 

Level 1


Ease into the Weekend Yoga

Let go of tension from the week and return to your body. Begin with meditation, then move through core yoga poses focusing on alignment and breath, before winding down.  Stretch, strengthen and relax your body, leaving you calm, centered and clear.

Level 1 / 2


Rise & Shine

Get up and go with a straightforward practice designed to remedy stiff joints, cold muscles and foggy minds.  Stretch and strengthen your body, deepen your breath and start the day calm, clear and energized.

Level 1 / 2


Yoga & Sound

Flowing yoga and healing vibrational sound.  A powerful combination of the Paiste Planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and vocal release enhance the rebalancing, opening and strengthening of the physical yoga practice.

All Levels


Viniyoga — Slow Down & Flow

A slow sweet practice integrating body, breath and movement. Short flowing sequences are performed in repetition, held for a few breaths and punctuated with rests. Since no two bodies are alike and we shift from day to day and moment to moment, the focus is on feeling ones own nourishing breath and moving at ones pace to get grounded and feel good. Ahhh...

Level 1 / 2


Anahata Flow

A fusion class with elements of ashtanga, vinayasa, and hatha yoga. Energizing pranayama and asana to open the body's energy channels and purify the mind.    

Level 2


Jivamukti Open

Incorporates chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. Work at your own pace, following the teacher's verbal as well as hands-on guidance.  Asana options provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. 

Level 2


Strong Slow Flow

A strong flowing practice with deeply heating and strengthening poses as well as balancing asanas.  Move between hold and release and finish with blissful cooling postures, restoring balance that will carry you through the day.

Level 2


Core Class: Forrest Yoga Inspired

Go deeper into your practice by discovering and developing your core strength. Using mindful sequenced asana and attentive breath-work, learn to utilize your core throughout your entire yoga practice. This Forrest yoga inspired class will help you explore intermediate and advanced poses with plenty of individual guidance and breath work.

Level 2 / 3


Energizing Flow

Awaken & unlock your inner strength and vitality.  Really move and sweat in this flowing class long sequence that culminates with a short mediation. Leave strong, open, centered and refreshed.

Level 2 / 3


Maha Yoga Sadhana

Maha: Great, Yoga: Union, Sadhana: Practice.

Unites all methods of Hatha Yoga to transform and cleanse our entire body-mind complex: a total renewal of our vital essence. Combines an expansive series of asanas (postures) with pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation & mantra. Release all things physical, emotional, & spiritual, and rejuvenate your energy completely. A bath in the ancient science of Yoga.

Level 2 / 3



If you've ever had trouble sleeping, this class is for you! A cozy journey focused on releasing stress from the day and preparing you for a deep night's sleep. Deep Kundalini meditation to calm your mind and soothe the soul.

Level 1 / 2


Kundalini for Radiance

Create better health, more positive mental habits and increased radiance.

Experiencing Kundalini kriyas or the complete sequencing of postures, stretch open the muscles, cleanse glands and organs, recharge the nervous system, balance mind and deeply relax.  Using mantras, train your mind to shift out of a negative spirals into positivity and ultimately neutrality.  The 10 bodies will be illuminated: expand our relationship and understanding of ourselves as a energy field rather than just a physical body form. 

All Levels

Nourish & Nuture

In the tradition of Krishnamacharya, class begins by setting an intention for our practice, then engages in a deep, nourishing, and breath-centered class with simple to moderate poses, utilizing repetition then hold to work deeper. End with a 15-minute guided relaxation/meditation, breath work, and chanting. Appropriate for those who love to nourish and nurture one’s self in all 5 koshas: physical, mental, emotional, personality, and spiritual.  

Level 1


Restore & Reground

In English & En Espanol 

Cultivate a link between breath and movement. Build heat with slow salutations then softly incorporate restorative asanas to create gentle awareness of our deeper subtle bodies. To open & close the practice, move gently through simple mindfulness meditations. Great for beginners or advanced practitioners wishing to slow down, take stock and rejuvenate the immune, digestive, reproductive and other parasympathetic systems. 

Level 1


Yoga for Beginners

Or those who feel like one

Learn breathing techniques and basic yoga postures.  Tune into your body, as you strengthen and tone. Additionally, through focus and relaxation, improve your breath awareness and control. The postures are presented in an easy to follow, accessible manner with plenty of time for modifications. Suitable for all ages and fitness/non-fitness levels. Great for students with injuries, health concerns, or those who simply want to start strong with a solid foundation. 

Level 1


Blissfully Basic

Focus on alignment of core yoga poses, vinyasa flow, beginning breath work and building a mindful practice. Whether you're revisiting the basics or new to your practice, this class will open, stretch and strengthen. 

Level 1 / 2


Go with the Flow

This is your practice, heat it up or cool it down. Center yourself by connecting to your breath. Flow mindfully through warming sun salutations and asanas to the sound of eclectic music.  Learn to practice inversions gradually and safely as they are essential to replenishing the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous and endocrinal systems. Finish with a long quiet restorative savasana. 

Level 1 / 2


Sweet & Deep 

Release tension and move energy with deep hip openers, sweet core work, vocal release, playful flow, balancing poses and a long healing savasana.

Level 1 / 2


Vinyasa Yoga

Emphasizes the fundamentals while presenting the poses and sequencing in a more challenging way. Practice difficult poses safely and effectively. You will continue to build strength and flexibility with a focus on opening the hips and shoulders, and building upper body strength. These classes introduce basic inversions, done in a safe and supportive way. Be challenged, but with enough detailed variations, so everyone can practice at their own level. 

Level 1 / 2


Burn off the Day & Sleep Tight

Release the day with tension burning sequences and fall into night with opening, calming and rebalancing poses.

Level 2


Rasa Vinyasa 

A creative vinyasa flow yoga class.  Find balance between masculine and feminine, masculine being more angular and strength building, feminine being more fluid, circular and flexibility focused. Through the practice, connect more deeply with your own inner ‘Rasa’- divine nectar.

This class is about self-expression. BE YOU, BE LOVE, BE FREE! 

Level 2


Vinyasa (& Vino)

Flowing yoga & restoring stretches open the body, awaken the senses and cleanse the palate for organic wine tasting and natural snacks.  Sip and taste with a new appreciation and awareness.

Level 2


Devotional Warrior (Donation)

A mixed level class, designed to challenge you at points. Beginning with a short meditation and a few pranayama (breathing) practices. Emphasizing the importance of listening to your inner teacher and creating a space to honor this journey that we are all on together.

Level 2 / 3


Jivamukti Warrior

Fast-paced "get-in-shape" class, with time to meditate and relax as well. A fixed sequence instructed in a vinyasa style. A balanced class which includes asana warm-up, chanting, setting of intention, surya namaskar, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, meditation and relaxation. 

Level 2 / 3


Power Flow

Challenges mentally and physically while keeping you centered and focused. Come to class feeling frazzled...leave feeling happier, stronger and more light-hearted.  It's your favorite flow class with an extra umph!  Have fun challenging yourself and find more joy while you move, sweat and laugh.

Level 2 / 3




A sweaty, flowing sequence that moves seamlessly through standing, balancing and seated postures. Vigorous movement is paired with the breath.  Learn new postures with proper alignment in mind. Variations are provided for students of all levels. Finish with sweet savasana and seated meditation.

Level 2 / 3



Discover and unleash your creative potential!  Awaken the energy of your glandular and nervous systems with a rigorous yet balanced series of exercises.  Combined with meditation, this creates a healthy body in tune with spirit.  Release limited thinking while healing from the past, moving into the moment & the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

All Levels