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Yogala Echo Park

1840 Echo Park Ave.

(@ Avalon)

Los Angeles, CA 90026



Yogala York Blvd

4682 York Blvd.

(@ Ave. 47)

Los Angeles, CA 90041





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with Lea Kraemer

Saturday, July 12 :: 2:30-5:30pm

York Blvd :: $38 Early, $45 day of

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"I took a Power Yoga class with Pedro, and it was, well, powerful. The class is very intense physically, I mean, sweat was dripping up my face in downward facing positions, and I was sore for 2 days afterwards. It also pays a lot of attention to the spiritual aspect. You leave feeling very accomplished. Pedro is a very charismatic instructor, approachable and entertaining, kind and willing to help.
The classroom was a little dusty, the temperature in the room started at 80 and went up to 89 by the end of the class, and I guess I was a little too close to the gong and was taken by surprise when Pedro played the gong at the end of the class, so my ears started to hurt. Nevertheless, I give this place 5 stars because of how awesome the class was." L. Baron

"This class is Godsend. It's mind, body and spirit healing all at once. I changed my therapist appointment so I can do this, as I find it more healing on every level. And my therapist was thrilled!! Its kicking my ass. But perhaps that is just what I needed. Suzie You ROCK! Your energy is amazing. Learning to let go and finally heal - everything. Thank you all. Wonderful people and wonderful studios. I couldn't be happier with this experience." Kathleen Frasca

"Yoglala is a cute, simple studio tucked away in a quiet corner of Echo Park. Although my class was a bit crowded, eventually everyone was able to squeeze in comfortably. My instructor, Sam, was phenomenal. She was exactly everything that a yoga teacher should be: patient, encouraging us to challenge ourselves in a non judgmental way, and most importantly, a calming and engaging presence. I absolutely loved my experience and highly recommend it." Lauren S. M. 

"Totally welcoming, sweet, spacious, clean, great location, and most importantly, provides an environment that doesn't create competition between students." Angel B.

"Yogala is the BEST place I have done Yoga in my 15 years of practice! Love the atmosphere and variety of styles!" Tom

"I love Aimee's Saturday beginner class. If I were a straight man I would marry her." Leo T.

"eclectic, artistic, and spiritual" S.

"Yogala is one the least pretentious yoga studios in LA. Friendly staff and great people to practice with." Desiree

"A sweet space with wonderful energy and amazing teachers. I always feel refreshed and renewed after class." S. Shoemaker

"a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and a fabulous addition to the yoga community. I only wish it had opened years ago!" Diana N.

I have been practicing yoga for about 15 years, and have had the pleasure of trying out dozens of studios and teachers in several cities. I am open to trying any style of yoga offered. So far, I've taken 3 classes at the Echo Park Yogala and must say that this studio is among the best I've experienced. (Classes taken were Yoga&Sound, and Rasa Vinyasa) Both of the teachers really seemed to have put careful thought and planning into the asana routine. It really is all about the teachers and the ones here get 5 stars.

There are 2 yoga rooms. The main one is well ventilated, with a window and ceiling fans, and somehow, it's never too hot or cold, always just right. All the blocks, blankets, bolsters are available.
The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. There is free filtered water and glasses available! (This is very exciting because so many studios charge for water.) Also available are locally made snacks for $3, mat rental for $2, and a gift shop with clothing items, candles, and other items. There are no showers. The only changing room is the single bathroom, so it is best to arrive in your yoga clothes. - susan janvrin