Shanna Collins

Energy Realignment

Shanna is a natural medium, clairvoyant, and empath. Originally from Dallas, she’s lived in Los Angeles for so long she thinks like a native.

She studied Quantum Energetics, developed by renowned healer, Jo Dunning, and graduated from TI, an offshoot of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, with a focus in clairvoyance and trans-mediumship.

If she looks familiar, it may be because you’ve seen her roving in and out of your favorite TV shows and films (she’s also been acting since she was a teenager), and as both a healer and an artist, she is incredibly grateful to have found a balance in her life that allows space for growth and divinely-guided possibility.

Shanna is dedicated to helping her students find their own balance, one choiceful breath at a time, and is delighted to be a part of the Yogala community.

ABOUT Energy Realignment Sessions

Energy realignments use the natural frequency of your present-time energy field to guide an attunement of your spirit body with your higher self.

Shanna incorporates multiple healing modalities into each session, including past life healings, relationship updates, cord removals, karmic releases, guide communication and more.
Guided by your present-day goals and dreams, the energy healing given to you during an alignment will raise your vibration to one that is compatible with the life you want to create.

1 hour / $125

2 hours / $200

3 hours / $275

15% off for Yogala students!