one-on-one yoga

Benefit from a one on one or small group class. Private sessions range from $60–150/hour. We are happy to help you navigate the offerings and schedule your session. 

Contact us or call the studio at 213.375.4505.



Sam Bianchini


Sam specializes in holding a safe and sacred space that connects individuals and communities to their deepest subconscious dreams. Utilizing native shamanic and Tantric practices, as well as meditative visualization and blissful breath work, Sam's instruction is tailored for all levels, from those who want to learn the basics, to those with injuries, to serious yogis looking to deepen.

She is available to hold small group building community classes for businesses, companies, parties, or retreats.

Sam also specializes in holding sacred Women's Circles and connecting women with the deep, powerful, Divine Feminine energy within. Learn more about Sam at her personal website



Heather Mendoza


Classes address confidence-building, concentration, self-discipline and respect and are taught through songs, dance, storytelling, nature and animal-themed postures, games, imagination adventures, arts & crafts, breathing techniques and meditation to stimulate the mind, the creative spirit and enhance health. Students exercise, play and connect more deeply with the inner self and develop an intimate relationship with the world that surrounds them. 

In private lessons, Heather address the specific needs and interests of your child and nurtures their own unique creativity & self-expression while providing a safe & fun environment to explore.


Janine Glass

Forrest Yoga

Treat yourself to an experience of yoga that will connect you to your authentic self. Janine modifies your session to address your specific physical and health concerns. Your individual session will connect you with strength, breath, integrity and spirit. You will learn how to use yoga to stay injury-free.

Learn more about Janine and her approach here


Jamie Ford

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is the therapeutic application of sound to the body to promote healing. In the sessions Jamie uses planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls and tuning forks combined with energy healing (Reiki), and other techniques to promote healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. You lie fully clothed on a massage table with gongs surrounding you and crystal bowls underneath while Jamie works on and over you with tuning forks and energy work. It feels like a vibrational massage and is deeply relaxing yet also invigorating. Sound healing balances the energy body and nervous system, it helps increase immunity, relaxation, peace, joy and quality of sleep while decreasing stress, anxiety, fear, physical and emotional pain. Learn more about Jamie's approach at her personal website