ManifestationYin w/ SA RA

Awaken Your Inner Warrior's Deeper Powers

ManifestationYin is a slower, deeper, meditative journey that combines guided visualization methods with yin-inspired yoga asanas to access that deep inner core realm of body and mind. This workshop empowers the Yin / feminine principle in all of us to receive, soften and allow all parts of ourselves to be felt unconditionally.

It is said that it takes 17 seconds for a thought to gather enough momentum to manifest in the physical world. ManifestationYin is a space for tuning into your own intuitive realm to receive information on what is truly desired and needed in this moment or phase in your life, and directing pure positive conscious focus towards that.

SA RA is a passionate soul liberator who descends with the oppressed inner warrior in order to meet their deepest selves.



“My preference has always been a dripping sweaty class that leaves me unable to move for days. Yin seemed for the tired and cosy types. And even though there can be a little grain of truth to any prejudice, SA RA eradicated my doubts with a storm of emotions. In her classes I go from pleasure to anger, from anger to gratitude. Every class I find myself hating the world, myself and even SA RA. The class triggers something usually inaccessibly deep in me, but through SA RA’s mindful, calm guidance - I get there. I stay there. And by staying there, with her and myself, an intense gratitude and joy implodes in me. Every time it’s the same game. I leave each class closer to manifesting the person I strive to be. I’m a warrior, and with SA RA I know where to aim and heal.”

“SA RA guides me to work into the deeper layers of my muscles and psyche. Hers is a slow, conscious build. She is a one-of-kind teacher who helps you to deliver your own inner message. Show up and listen well.”

“I was experiencing intense health problems at the time and the night of SA RA's yoga was the only time during my month-long illness that I felt true relief. I was overcome with a feeling of optimism produced by the connection of the physical and the almost meditative states that SA RA so perfectly curated.”